Letter: Government needs to give employers health care flexibility

To the editor:

Heath insurance is a huge expense for small business owners. As it is, premiums are too high. I found out recently that my health insurance policy will no longer be offered at the same premium, so this December I will need to find a new plan. Originally, I chose my plan based on the best price and coverage, and that is what I will look for again.

Since I have to go through the process in December, having the option to choose a plan with a smaller network and a lower premium is very important to me. It would positively affect my bottom line, and that is key for any small business. I do not want to see the government step in and limit my choices. Politicians do not understand my health needs or my budget, and health care is not a place where “one size fits all.” I want to choose my own doctors and make my own health care choices.

As the owner of Lisa’s Flowers from the Heart, I have made a lot of tough choices over the years. Like all small business owners, I’m quite capable of making my own decisions, especially when it comes to health care.

Moving forward, Wisconsin officials need to ensure that companies like mine have the flexibility we need when it comes to securing health insurance. They must do what they can to keep low-cost, limited-provider-network options available to us.

Lisa Lemhouse,