Letter: Richmond man believes Oberstein will make good mayor

To the editor:

On Tuesday, April 5, we as legal citizens of this country will have the opportunity to exercise our constitutional right to vote in free elections. This right should not be taken for granted, as there are millions of individuals on this planet who do not have this right. Please remember your vote does count, as there have been many, especially local, elections where one vote has been the difference in who wins.

I was pleased to see the competition in some of our local races. I wish there could have been more, so that the voters would have a choice of who they want to vote for. More often than not, there is very little competition in the races, which can lead to complacency by the incumbent. When this occurs, I wonder if the incumbent is doing everything possible for the office they were elected to. I understand the reluctance of many to not get involved, but when this happens the best person for the elected position may not have been chosen by the voters. So I urge everyone to get involved rather than saying, “Let someone else do it.”

I am not able to vote for mayor, as I do not reside in the city of Shawano. However, I was pleased to see all the competition for the office of mayor. Whomever is elected I’m certain will bring a new perspective to the mayor’s office. Shawano is not a sleeping giant, but it does need to wake up and start to aggressively move forward so that there will be viable options for growth, especially for our youth so that we can retain them as working adults in the community. I firmly believe the person that can do the best job as mayor of Shawano is Jim Oberstein. With his extensive educational and business experience, he is well qualified to be the next mayor of Shawano. Please get out and vote for all the offices on your respective ballot on Tuesday, April 5, as your vote does count.

Gene Splinter,

Town of Richmond