Letter: Departing alderperson appreciates opportunity to serve

To the editor:

Congratulations to the citizens of Clintonville for the huge turnout in the recent election. Although I did not emerge a winner, I am pleased that participation by voters in District 4, my district, increased by nearly 100 over the last time I ran.

Best wishes to all who were elected to first terms and to those who are returning to the council. Being a candidate and serving on the council both were valuable personal learning experiences.

Serving gave me the opportunity to work with the excellent city staff, headed by Administrator Chuck Kell. Through staff cost-saving efforts, we were able to complete 2015 without touching any dollars from the surplus fund, although it had been used to balance the budget and avoid a tax increase. It is expected 2016 will also achieve that result.

Please take the opportunity to attend a City Council or committee meeting soon. I went to a meeting and ended up serving on the council! Thank you for the opportunity to serve the city of my family for generations.

Mary-Beth Kuester,