Letter: Paul Eberhardt served community, church

To the editor:

When Clintonville reflected on the sudden loss of a well-known person, Paul Eberhardt, last week, his role as a concerned citizen came to mind.

Paul was a regular observer at all city finance committee meetings and most council meetings during the first year of my term of office as council member. He was a major factor in the establishment of an ad hoc housing committee to address the loss of citizens to other communities that offered condominium living. He did not live to see the condo project that will be built on the north side of town, but he was aware of the success the city had in fulfilling this need.

Anyone who attended the Legion steak fries knows Paul as the chief griller. He also was in charge of the very busy bar at the Legion. Those steaks were cooked to perfection. I recall Paul dressed in heavy outdoor wear grilling outside on a few very cold nights.

I asked Paul to join the finance committee at St. Martin, and he was a valuable asset to that group. Even though he spent the winter in Florida, he kept in touch via email and followed city news with interest.

I did not get to know Paul until my fairly recent return to the city, but in that short time I saw firsthand his dedication to the city. As Pastor Burg said at the funeral service, Paul may have known his time on earth was short, so he packed a lot in. Our city and our church was the beneficiary.

Thanks, citizen Paul, for your service.

Mary-Beth Kuester,