Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Letter: Vote your conscience — that’s your choice

To the editor:

Once again, Mr. Watters is telling people how to vote. I always thought that was a personal choice for all U.S. citizens.

Well, if you follow Mr. Watters’ advice, you would definitely vote Democrat! That is good! The reason being all the candidates in our district have not been in office for the past eight years to do any of the voting he has mentioned, such as high taxes, big government programs, military spending, cutting school funding, etc.

Who has controlled the House and Senate for the last eight years? If you check, you will find out that it has been the Republicans. Not only in Washington, but also right here in Wisconsin.

Our kids and grandkids are paying the price here, thanks to all the cuts to public schools, just so private schools can be funded by vouchers; schools that don’t have special education for the kids who need extra help.

Oh, and were are all those thousands of jobs that were promised by our Republican governor?

What about the minimum wage law held low by the Republicans?

Vote your conscience.

A proud Democrat,

Leone Schneidewend,