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Letter: Feingold not friend of military, national security

To the editor:

Almost six years ago, Sen. Russ Feingold was fired from the Senate position he held for 18 years by Wisconsin voters. I have received mailers and have seen his ads. He never talks about what he did for Wisconsin during the 18 years he was in office. So why do we owe him another six years?

After Wisconsin fired Feingold, he eventually took a job teaching college in California and had to re-establish residency in Wisconsin in order to run as senator. In his ads and mailers, Feingold does complain about the last six years, but Barack Obama has been president during that six years.

On Facebook, there is a group,Veterans for Feingold. I’m a 34-year veteran and had two combat commands in Iraq. Sen. Feingold voted 12 times against pay raises for members of the military.

Many people are concerned with security. Sen. Feingold voted against establishing the Department of Homeland Security. Sen. Feingold was the only senator to vote against increasing terrorism surveillance right after 9/11. Sen. Feingold is in favor of Guantanamo or Gitmo terrorist detainees coming to the United States.

Both Iran and North Korea either have nuclear weapons or are close to getting them. Both countries are improving their intercontinental ballistic missiles, which have only one purpose, and that is to deliver nuclear bombs. Sen. Feingold consistently voted against funding for missile defense.

What has Sen. Feingold truly done for Wisconsin to allow him another six years of taxpayer income, your money? I am a veteran proudly voting for Sen. Ron Johnson.

Retired Col. Richard W. Kucksdorf,