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Letter: Junior Achievement requests your help

To the editor:

The Wolf River Region Junior Achievement program has enjoyed great support and success from the community since we all began to pull together in this effort here many years ago. However, there still are many local citizens unfamiliar with the programs, initiatives and goals.

The local Wolf River Junior Achievement program includes Shawano County and Menominee Nation and is part of the national Junior Achievement program wherein local volunteers go into the area classrooms with an established curriculum of interactive training materials unique to each grade level to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy.

JA programs teach students about entrepreneurship and owning their own business so they can be successful and remain a part of our local business community. JA programs also help them prepare for the world of work by teaching them what employers expect from employees and how to be a contributing member of the workforce and business team.

JA programs also teach students about financial literacy skills and budgeting so they can manage their finances and make smart choices throughout their careers and lives.

All of these key initiatives are not part of the regular school curriculum. The local Junior Achievement also sponsors an annual Business Challenge, a daylong competition between 16 teams of local students. The students work in teams of three students and a local business owner or representative who coaches them on how to run a business, understand all the decision-making required, etc. The winning teams receive scholarships to use to advance their education.

Just this past year Junior Achievement Wolf District provided 142 programs, reached 2,583 students, worked with 100 teachers and 112 volunteers to provide these programs. Post assessment of 440 students showed a 20 percent knowledge gain.

We plan to offer 145 programs this school year and reach 2,650 students.

We believe that better educated and prepared students can compete better in the global economy and local community.

The Wolf River Junior Achievement has began their annual fund drive and needs your time, talent and/or resources. For further information and to help us locally, please contact the local director, Sandy Ebbinger, at 715-851-0698 or

Can we and the students count on you?

Karen Palmer,