Schuler hopes to keep Wescott chairman job in April election

Only a handful of contested races on the ballot

Wescott Town Chairman Mike Schuler is looking to return to his post for another two-year term in April, but he’ll face a challenger.

Donald Anker has filed to run against Schuler in the April 4 election.

It’s one of only a few contested races in towns and villages around the county to emerge from the filing deadline that passed Tuesday.

The Leader was still awaiting information from several towns and villages Friday, and several communities will hold caucuses this month to determine their candidates.

Contested races around the county in April include the following:

• The town of Angelica, where incumbent supervisors Wilbert Lewis and Greg Van Asten are facing challenges from Mike Kurzynske and James Lloyd Przybylski, and incumbent town clerk Janet Powers is being challenged by Connie Lynn Przybylski.

• The town of Herman, where three candidates are running for two supervisor seats. Incumbents Duane Spiegel and Howard Schultz are both running, as is challenger Clayton Arndt. Meanwhile, Chairman Joseph DeBaker has chosen not to run again. Robert Kristof has filed to run for the chairman’s post.

• The town of Richmond also has three candidates for two supervisor positions. Incumbent Ken Damveld is seeking another two-year term, while Matt Hietpas and Ricky Brockman are also making a bid for a supervisor seat. Incumbent supervisor Jerry Weisnicht is not seeking another term.

• The town of Maple Grove has a contested race for treasurer. Incumbent treasurer Ervin Flesch has decided to retire, but Steven Holewinski and Bonnie Taylor are both vying to take that office.

• In the town of Washington, incumbent treasurer Tom Fazendin faces a challenge from David Korth, while incumbent constable Marvin Gehm will go up against Charlie Fritsch.

Communities where candidates are still be determined by caucus include the following:

• Aniwa will hold its caucus at 7:30 p.m. Monday. President Tom Kautza, trustees Joe Meisenheleder and Barb Reissmann, and clerk Dustin Rustick are all up for re-election.

• Eland will hold its caucus at 6 p.m. Monday. President Jim Stoltz, trustees Carol Welker and Linda Spaude, treasurer Claudia Ploeger and clerk Marnie Osterbrink are all up for re-election.

• The town of Birnamwood, where all offices are up for reelection, will hold it caucus at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

• The Gresham caucus will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Village President Ken Byer, Village Trustee Laura Roe, Village Trustee James Carroll and Village Trustee Blaine Ebert are up for re-election.

• The town of Hartland will have a caucus on Jan. 21 for all offices, including chairman, two supervisors, clerk and treasurer.