Volunteer Profile

Meet Liz Flessert

Carol Wagner, Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Liz Flessert volunteers at Hillcrest Primary School in Shawano where her son, Isaac Brady, is in Patricia Glaser’s first-grade class. Shown are, from left, front row, Flessert, Isaac Brady, Megan Reyes, Evie Kuehl, Zennah Bosetski, Austin Arrowood, Millie Panske; kneeling, Caleb Grignon, Franklin Wilber, Deacan Wizner, Dominick Thorson, Jackson Rollins, Ireland Helder, Lacey Brenneman, Maddox Aldrich; standing, Reagan Heath, Parker Kadonsky, Miles Wilber, Karl Peters Jr. and Bailey Hanley.

Liz Flessert volunteers at Hillcrest Primary School in Shawano.

Flessert was born and raised in Shawano, graduating from Shawano Community High School in 1998. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County, worked various jobs and then, in 2007, got her broker’s license to sell real estate.

She and her boyfriend, Nick Brady, have a son, Isaac, who is in first grade at Hillcrest. Brady is the owner of Nick’s Drywall and Painting. They live in Shawano. They like to camp and go to Hayman Falls.

Q How did you get started volunteering at Hillcrest?

A “My son is in first grade this year, and when he started 4K, I started volunteering. It was mostly for the book fair for two years and now I volunteer with his class.”

Q What do you do?

A “I read with the children one day a week in my son’s class. Every Tuesday, I stay for lunch and recess and at the end of the year I stay every day. I was just asked to take over the book fair as chairperson. There is a fair in the fall and one in the spring. A few weeks before the fair we send emails to the teachers. The first week we bring kids in class by class to look at books. The second week parents send money. It is the Scholastic Book Fair and the school gets scholastic dollars to spend on school for all grades. I volunteer on field trips and plan and run the end-of-the-year party for each class. I joined the PTO and help them shop for items for Teacher Appreciation Day.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “Because my son still likes to see me at school. I love the kids and being here is so amazing and helpful. The teachers appreciate the help. I have never been asked by another teacher or staff member to volunteer my time at school or any classroom, but would be happy to help out wherever needed.”

Q What do you do on Mother’s Day?

A “We usually just hang out. Being a mom to me is the most important thing in the world. I need my son to know how much I care about him. I need him to know how important it is to care about people, and that’s another reason I volunteer.”