Volunteer Profile

Meet Labette Luecht

Carol Wagner, Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Shawano County Literacy Council tutor LaBette Luecht, left, works with Nan Xi Klingbeil, who is from China.

LaBette Luecht tutors for the Shawano County Literacy Council. She is from Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, which is near Iron Mountain, Michigan. She graduated from Florence High School.

In first grade, she found out she was dyslexic thanks to a caring teacher. She was able to well in school and earned a bachelor’s degree at the Bellin College of Nursing and a master’s in nursing with a focus on education from the University of Phoenix. She worked at local hospitals before going to Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, where she worked in the health learning resource lab.

Luecht was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and myelodysplasia and did not work for seven years while she had various treatments. She is currently the registered nurse care manager for Lakeland Care Inc.

Luecht and her husband, Terry, who works at Green Valley Farms, have been married nine years and live in Shawano. They have a fish, a cat and two dogs.

Q How long have you been a tutor for the literacy council?

A “I have been a tutor a little over three years. I used to work at NTC and went back to school. Education is a big part of what I did before I got sick. It provided me with a sense of purpose. I had a bone marrow transplant and couldn’t go back to work with a lot of students. I lost my sense of purpose.”

Q Who do you tutor?

A “I work with one student at a time. I love to see the growth. I am with them for about a year. My first student was from Vietnam. The second student was a Shawano person who wanted to get a CDL to be able to stay in his job, but he couldn’t read. He worked really hard. Within no time, he passed his CDL. My current student is from China. She is vibrant and happy to be learning.”

Q What do you do?

A “We work with a translator (a Google app on the cellphone). We usually give them a test to see what level to start. Workbooks are available to us through grants and donations. Many students couldn’t afford them otherwise.”

Q Would you encourage people to be a tutor?

A “Yes. It will change people’s lives. They appreciate it a lot. It does take dedication and flexibility.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “I get a lot of fulfillment helping others. It helps me release stress. I focus on seeing the people succeed. Seeing them succeed in their professional lives is satisfying. I feel like I have a purpose.”