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Meet Janine Brunner

Carol Wagner, Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Janine Brunner is organizing a Rosary Rally at Memorial Athletic Park in Shawano on Oct. 14. She is shown with a statue of Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Shawano.

Janine Brunner is organizing a Rosary Rally that will be held at noon Oct. 14 at Memorial Athletic Park in Shawano.
Brunner was born and raised in the town of Belle Plaine. After graduating from Shawano High School, she worked at Brunner Gold Star Farms and then various otgher jobs before getting an associate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.
She is certified as a child care and personal care worker. She is currently self-employed in her housecleaning business.
Brunner lives in Shawano. She is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church where she is involved the choir, care ministry, Eucharistic ministry, Rosary group, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Emmaus.
Brunner is a coach for Special Olympics and helps with SAM25 and the Orphan Grain Train at St. James Lutheran Church. She is a member of the Brunner Family Singers who sing at church the weekend after Christmas. She was a member of the community choir that performed with Kenny Rogers in December 2014.

Q What is the Rosary Rally?

A “It is part of the 100th Anniversary Public Square Rosary Crusade. It is a rally in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima which took place in Portugal at the Cova ‘da Iria on Oct. 13, 1917. Mary appeared to three children who were tending their sheep on the 13th of the month for six months beginning in May. On the seventh month, she promised to perform a miracle so that they would believe the children actually saw her.”

Q Why is it being held?

A “Because it’s the 100th year and there are sponsors for America Needs Fatima. There will be 20,000 in the United States and 1 million people worldwide who will attend these rallies. The rallies started here in 2007 and Rosary Rallies are held to have our mother intercede for us to be a peaceful weapon against hell. The rosary is a powerful and spiritual weapon against sin and evil.”

Q What will happen that day?

A “We will start with a song, then go into the Angelus, which is a prayer that is said three times a day. Then we will pray the rosary. It is open to everyone even if they don’t pray the rosary. It will take place by the tank at Memorial Athletic Park.”

Q How did you get involved?

A “I donated to their cause. I am a Marian Consecrated Catholic.”

Q Why did you organize the rally?

A “I feel that our prayers as much as we pray we need divine intercession. The world has gotten so bad that it’s only through Mary that we can see the results that we want and have peace in our homes, communities, state, nation and world.”