Volunteer Profile

Meet Joanne Bublitz

Carol Wagner Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Joanne Bublitz, holding CC Cookie II, volunteers for many organizations.

Joanne Bublitz volunteers for many organizations.

She was born and raised in River Forest, a suburb of Chicago. After Bublitz graduated from Luther High School North, she earned a teaching degree with a minor in music from Concordia College in River Forest. After marrying and eventually moving to Shawano in 1969, Bublitz raised her children and then taught third grade at St. James Lutheran School for 19 years. During this time she also gave piano lessons and still has one student.

Joanne and her husband, Don, have been married 59 years and have three sons and six grandchildren. They used to volunteer for Marriage Encounter. They live in Shawano on the channel with their toy poodle, Cookie. Bublitz crochets hot pads for her niece’s painting business and loves making afghans.

Q What do you do at St. Jakobi Lutheran Church?

A “I am on the altar guild at St. Jakobi Lutheran Church and prepare communion and the altar. I help prepare and serve church dinners like the annual potato pancake dinner in September. For three years, I served as secretary of voters meetings. I started conducting the adult choir in 2008. I started and still arrange the ‘Musical Gift to the Christ Child’ every December, a concert with other groups and schools involved. I play organ every week at St. Jakobi and help out, sometimes for a second time, at another church. I play piano, organ and practice for the St. Jakobi Sunday School Christmas program.”

Q Where else do you volunteer?

A “I sing with the Dudley Birder Choir of St. Norbert College since the 1990s. I’ve been in choirs since the third grade. I sort and fold clothes for the Orphan Grain Train on Thursday mornings or whenever they call. I help at the Heritage Park office cutting out things for the files.”

Q What do you do for the Packers?

A “In 2001, I interviewed for what I thought was a volunteer job for the Packers. I just finished my 16th year in guest relations for them. At the indoor club seats, I show people to their seats and show them the way if they want to go somewhere.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “I volunteer because if people need some help I feel like I should help them and I enjoy doing it. I volunteer to take care of Cookie, plan and make meals (except for breakfast), wash clothes, and love Don, my husband of almost 60 years. That’s been my best and most rewarding job of all.”