Wisconsin deals with a natural shutdown

There have been a few shutdowns of late. The one in DC didn’t last too long, but of course, the final solution was only put off until Feb. 8. Hopefully, they can come to some agreement by that time.

On Monday, most traffic was shut down in our area, with the rain, sleet, snow and slop that fell in our area. I know I did not venture out. It wasn’t quite like the blizzards of old used to be, but was sort of close. When all was done, the cleanup was a challenge. Mine didn’t happen until Tuesday, when my grandson came and plowed the driveway, and around the mailbox.

If it had only been the driveway, I wouldn’t have needed it, because the snow wasn’t that deep, and it provided traction on the ice. However, the end of the driveway was piled with clumps, and the mailbox was surrounded by the same.

So far this winter, snow has been a shutdown. Not enough for snowmobilers, some ice racing is taking place, but for how long. Ice fishing is probably still a go, but for all the cold we had earlier, all the winter enthusiasts are somewhat shut down.

On my last visit to my health provider, I asked to be referred to a diabetic educator. I had that visit this past week, and what I thought was a fairly healthy eating plan, is now in shutdown, and modification.

I figured that was coming, because I had to write down what I ate for three days. Even before I talked with her, I could see what I thought was a good diabetic eating plan really was not. I knew I would be in for some changes, but I did ask for this visit.

I have been diabetic for about 20 years. Part of that time, I took very good care of myself, by exercising, eating healthy (most of the time), and doing my tests and medications. Part of the time, I admit to not always following the plan.

However, I was fine with diet, exercise and pills, until my husband died. High blood sugar numbers are not only caused by what a person eats, but stress and illness are part of that also. When my husband died in 2004, my sugar numbers went up and I could not get them down, no matter how I ate or exercised. So I agreed to go on insulin.

The reason I wanted to talk to an educator, is that I felt I was on too much insulin, and that I always was anxious about low sugar numbers, which I have had occasionally. Somehow, I often felt I had to eat a little more to feed my blood sugar.

Where all of this will lead is unknown at this time. Hopefully, it will lead to my being able to reduce the amount of insulin I take. However, to get to that point, I need to do my part. Exercise every day, not just some days. While I enjoy going to Total Fitness, it is not feasible to go daily, so that means I need to be more dedicated to exercising at home. I have a recumbent bike to ride right here in the office. I just have to clean the clutter off of it and actually put it to use.

Right now, my normal routine is shut down, I will have to learn a new routine, and commit for the long term. If it is to be, it is up to me, and I will rely on God to see my through.

Psalm 34:8 says: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”