NY man to plead guilty to sex offense

Huskisson already lifetime sex offender

Kevin Murphy Leader Correspondent

A New York man has agreed to plead guilty in federal court in connection with traveling to Shawano to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

James A. Huskisson, 45, of Ozone Park, N.Y., and the U.S. Attorney’s office have agreed that the 30-year maximum penalty is the appropriate prison sentence for the sex offense Huskisson is pleading guilty to, according to a plea agreement filed Wednesday with the court.

According to the agreement and other court documents:

Huskisson, aka James Lee, Lucky and Jason Desantes, is a lifetime registered sex offender in New York after being convicted in 1999 of first degree forcible rape.

In September, Huskisson made contact through Facebook with a 15-year-old Wolf River Lutheran High School student. Huskisson lied, saying he was 31, which the girl said was “too old” to correspond with. The girl made it clear she was 15 years old.

Huskisson continued to contact her through internet messaging applications, asking for nude photos of her. He sent her nude photos of himself.

On Sept. 24, Huskisson drove 17 hours from New York to Shawano and messaged her several times that he would “take her virginity.”

She sent Huskisson her address and what times her mother would be out of the house.

Huskisson left her a cellphone in a backpack at the school for her to find.

A school official, thinking a car with New York license plates parked at the school was susicipious, called Shawano police on Sept. 25.

Two hours later, Huskisson was pulled over by police for allegedly shoplifting at a local Wal-Mart but failed to connect him to the susicipious vehicle report.

WRLHS Principal Caroline Bedroske called the sheriff’s department on Sept. 26 to report a student had an inappropriate relationship with a man. The girl had told school staff that the man’s name was James Lee, that he had been at her house, had bought her clothing and a cell phone.

A sheriff’s deputy spoke with the girl’s mother who doubted that her daughter’s story about a relationship was true. The deputy advised the woman to talk to her daughter and report back any information.

On Oct. 13, Bedroske told the sheriff’s department that the girl was in a relationship with the man from the suspicious vehicle complaint. The girl had been calling him from school. The school seized the girl’s phone.

Bedroske told police that the girl had told Huskisson that he was being sought by law enforcement.

A sheriff’s deputy met with the girl, her mother and school staff. The girl was reluctant to talk about Huskisson but said she had contacted him by phone.

On Nov. 3, Officer Todd Chaney spoke with the girl, who confirmed that Huskisson had sent her a sexually explicit photo of himself.

Shawano County Sheriff’s Department Detective Christopher Gamm got the girl’s permission to log into her Facebook messenger account. He saw that the girl and Huskisson began chatting on Sept. 16, and she had told him that she was 15 years old. Their conversation turned sexual and sexually explicit photos were exchanged that same day.

A video and several photos confirmed that between Sept. 24-27, the defendant and the girl had sex in her bedroom. DNA evidence taken from bed sheets also confirmed the activity.

Huskisson returned to New York and was subsequently arrested near his home and transported to Wisconsin.

OVERSET FOLLOWS:He was indicted in December on two charges in connection with having sex with a minor and recording it, and one count of committing a felony sex offense with a minor while being a registered sex offender.

Huskisson signed an agreement Monday entering a guilty plea to one count of having sex with a minor. In exchange for his guilty plea, the government will dismiss the two other charges against him.

District Judge William Griesbach set the plea hearing for Feb. 20. Huskisson’s trial had originally been set for that date.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Humble was not available Wednesday for immediate comment on the case.