A time for springing into spring

This seems to be the time of year that most people are getting sick of the cold, snow and sometimes ice that seem to be part of what we call winter. Groundhog Day has passed, and it seems he saw his shadow. So, six more weeks of winter. Well, I have news for fans of his prediction: We will have six-plus more weeks of winter, no matter what he saw.

The calendar might say spring begins on March 20, so that in itself says six more weeks. How severe depends on the year. However, residents of Wisconsin know that the end of March, and even into April, can be very fickle in its weather fronts.

I, too, admit I am getting sick of the winter and look forward to springing into spring.

February does bring Valentine’s Day for all those lovers out there — or at least those who like chocolate, which will be on sale on the 15th. There will also be a President’s Day, and this year Ash Wednesday will be on Valentine’s Day.

I have been noticing some things that herald the hint of spring to come. It does stay lighter out longer each day. I, for one, miss the daylight. At least we have had quite a few sunny days, and I always enjoy those, even if it is cold.

This winter, I have been wearing my gloves while out and about more than other winters. It seems my hands are more sensitive to the cold this year.

Residents of the village of Tigerton have had a run water order for quite some time this winter, to prevent water main freeze-ups. So every day, I hear the water trickling and want to shut it off, but I know I can’t.

On Feb. 3, there was a water main freeze-up, which the crew had a hard time locating, and that caused the system pressure to drop to a point where the water became unsafe for drinking.

The problem was finally found and fixed, so we now have water that can be used for bathing, washing clothes and using a dishwasher; however, as of Feb. 6, it is still unsafe to drink without boiling it first.

It is being tested, and as soon as two rounds of safe test samples are achieved, that boil water advisory can be lifted. I have an ample supply of water here now. I got some from a friend who lives outside of town, plus I purchased some at a store. To date, I haven’t boiled any yet but am willing to if it needs doing.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Jack Frost had come to visit my door window on the north side of the house. Then I got a seed catalog in the mail on the very same day. What a wonderful coincidence. I enjoyed paging through it — even crimped a few pages with plants that looked interesting and thought about where to plant them. Then I thought about the digging, watering and maintaining, so orders will likely not be placed.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” That verse, through verse 8, reminds me there is a time for everything, even spring.