Broken waterline floods building at job center complex

Police officer saw water coming out of building

A break in a 10-inch water line caused significant damage to one of the buildings at the Shawano County Job Center business complex Thursday night.

A Shawano police officer saw water coming out of a building at 707 E. Elizabeth St. around 10 p.m. The building is home to City Cab and one other rented office.

The Department of Public Works responded and found a broken pipe under the building.

“The water was coming up through the floor and going out the door,” said Mike Schuler, president of the job center board. “It caused some pretty good damage.”

Walls and insulation damaged by the mud and water that spewed up through the floor have been taken out. Carpeting and tile still need to be removed, Schuler said.

A portable trailer was brought in to house City Cab operations until repairs can be made, possibly within the next week.

Schuler said the rented office was used only intermittently.

“They just won’t be there for a while,” he said.

The water pipe was located about 10 to 13 feet underground, where there was access to shut-off valves through a manhole.

The waterline is privately-owned and not part of the city’s water system.

Schuler said it’s not yet known what caused the pipe to break.

“Hopefully we’ll have that figured out by Monday,” he said. “We may have to dig down to find out.”

There was no financial estimate yet of the damage.

Other buildings in the complex, which house Shawano County Social Services and the job center were not affected.