Obstructionists need to stop dragging feet on guns

I have to write to tell you how much I appreciated your editorial today on school shootings and common sense gun laws. The day after the last shooting in Florida, I happened to get into a conversation with a person whose every opinion came straight from the NRA playbook; i.e., that it was all about mental health. No, it was about the media, if only they’d stop publicizing the shootings. No, it’s all about ammunition because as long as it’s manufactured, people will buy it. No, it’s about cars and trucks being used as weapons of mass destruction. No, it’s the students’ faults, those who knew the shooter was odd but said nothing.

This was a resident of Shawano, and I sincerely hope this person reads your editorial. It’s about time someone in Shawano called out the politicians and all the others who lack the courage to say it’s time to stop the murdering. This person I spoke to ended by saying “Nothing can be done. People will get their hands on these guns or make bump stocks or order guns from other countries, so why try to license/register/regulate guns?” I responded by saying I hated to see someone so young who was so defeated and giving up.

So thank you again for pointing out salient facts and exposing the condolences and lies for what they are — a ploy by gun manufacturers to stay in business. We need to vote out every politician who is owned by the NRA and elect courageous men and women willing to stand up to the NRA and take the side of the 74 percent of NRA members who want to put an end to the killing of our children.

We need another leader like ex-President Obama who wept over the deaths of children murdered by guns — not mentally ill people but by guns — and demanded action. We need obstructionists in Washington to get on board with leaders like Obama and do something. A mother in Florida screamed into the camera: “Do something! Do anything, but do something!” Those who heard that plea, I hope, will stop deflecting the subject as the NRA has taught them to do and admit guns are killing our children in schools. If I might echo your sentiment, guns in schools can kill our own children right here in Shawano.

Dr. Jeanne L. Connors