Athlete of the Week: Jordan Boldt

Senior is WIAA D3 state champion

Contributed Photo Jordan Boldt finished his wrestling career with a state title last weekend, getting the second-most number of wins in Bonduel High School history.

Athlete: Jordan Boldt

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: 126 pounds

School: Bonduel High School

Year: Senior

Jordan Boldt ends his high school wrestling career with a list of accomplishments. The senior took the 126-pound WIAA Division 3 state title on Feb. 24 in Madison after winning the sectional tournament a week prior. After a 44-4 season, he also slid into the No. 2 spot for most wins in Bonduel school history with 162 and clinched the Bears’ seventh state title. Boldt, who has been wrestling since second grade, is a three-time state qualifier and will continue his wrestling career at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the fall.

Q Where did your interest in wrestling begin?

A My interest in wrestling began when Jacob Banker told me to try it out because not many people were into it, so I tried it out while playing basketball as well.

Q What’s your favorite part about wrestling?

A My favorite part about the sport would have to be the excitement I bring to the fans watching. I’m always told that I am exciting to watch and you never know what you are going to get.

Q What did you do differently this year to secure that spot at the top of the podium?

A I ate a lot healthier this season. Instead of eating candy like I did last season, I stuck to vegetables and fruits. Also, participating in two different camps in the fall made me get refreshed earlier than years past and gave me an edge coming into the season.

Q Was there a victory this season that was the most satisfying for you?

A The state finals for sure. No other match has been that loud and crazy in my career. To come out on top was also the most awesome about that match.

Q How does it feel capping your high school career with a state championship, seventh Bear title and second-most wins in school history?

A Unbelievable. Words cannot describe how it feels to have accomplished this all in one year. The state championship is by far the best thing ever and to be the seventh in Bonduel history makes it that much more special. I wish I could’ve beaten Ben (Tauchen, 168 wins), but I came up short. To get 162 is very special though.

Q Did you have any pre-match rituals?

A It all depended on who I was wrestling. I usually listened to Justin Bieber, but when the match was big I would listen to metal. I would do my stretching by myself in a corner before my match as well and have my coach rub my shoulders as well.

Q What are you excited for continuing your career at Stevens Point next year?

A I am excited to see how much value I can bring to the team. I’m excited for a clean slate as well and to see how I do at the next level. I am nervous for the intensity and the training that they do, though.

Q What athlete do you look up to and why?

A Brett Favre has been my guy since I was just a little kid. The way he treats people is phenomenal and his toughness — I tried to find that in my game. He wasn’t just serious, he was a jokester and I tried to be that way, too, but be serious when it mattered.

Q Favorite sports team?

A The Minnesota Vikings have been my team since I was 7. I loved their colors and Brett Favre went there, so I was excited for that. They don’t win a lot, but there is hope after this last season.

Q Favorite TV show, movie, musical artist?

A My favorite TV show would probably be “Impractical Jokers.” I enjoy many movies — my two favorites are “Neighbors” and “The Notebook.” My favorite artist is for sure Justin Bieber.

Q Do you have a favorite quote or verse?

A “One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” — Henry Ward Beecher