Customers, author express gratitude for kindness

Photo by Lorna Marquardt Vicki Wartman, an author who goes by the pen name, Nanny V, dedicated a book to columnist Lorna Marquardt titled “Lorna the Leprechaun.”

Our area has some wonderful stores and shops. Do we wish we had more? Absolutely, but we need to support and appreciate those businesses we do have. I decided to go to social media to ask what positive things customers had to say about area businesses. I know many of you don’t use social media, so I will share a few comments.

Happy customers wasted no time in responding. This column is not long enough to share with you all the wonderful comments, but here are just a few:

Barb Heidke: “I have always had wonderful service from Shawano Auto Sales. Those kids are making their dad proud.”

Tom Mehlberg: “Gresham Hardware store. Service and prices are always the best.”

Marjorie Hagen: “We always receive excellent service and great food from Farm Inn … great service from Hein’s Appliance and also American Car Care. Love Shawano.”

Jenny Specht Snyder: “Doc’s Harley-Davidson staff rock; the customer service is amazing.”

Ellen Feuerhelm: “Nettie’s Café in Gresham is so nice. They just opened, and we had a great time. Wonderful prices. I concur, Gresham Hardware is amazing.”

Molly Miller: “El Tequila — always great service.”

Casey Frank Court: “Hands down, my favorite place is Beans & Books. They are so family friendly and accommodating.”

Dione Waupekenay: “Hungry Bear Restaurant in Bonduel. Not only is the food amazing, the staff is always so friendly and nice!”

Gail Martin: “Save-A-Lot in Keshena. It is small but very nice buys. Staff is always so courteous and helpful.”

Dottie Borowski: “Body Essentials is a great store. Owner Kathy Leisgang Hansen is purely spectacular.”

Brandi Lenzner: “Shawano ER Dr. Polka and the nurses are awesome.”

Terri Timm: “The Hartwig family and their staff are wonderful.”

Carmen Kramer: “Bears Den in Clintonville. Really good food and the bartenders (and owners) are awesome.”

Sarah VanScoik: “Angie’s Main Café is fantastic. Also Todd at Senzigs.”

Barb Schuettpelz: “Quality Repair in Bonduel. Absolutely the best and most honest car repair place I have ever been to.”

Mary Prentice: “Papa Murphy’s always has friendly staff.”

Laike Tiger Miller: “The girls at Subway in Keshena are very good.”

Bob Gansen: “The Shawano County Park has been awesome! We have a standing reservation every year to come back and enjoy Shawano.”

Those are just a sampling of the comments. I added a comment, too: “I appreciate the friendly welcome I receive at Dreiers. As busy as Tim is, he always offers a greeting and a thank you. I feel my business is appreciated.”

Talk about feeling appreciated. My birthday was last week. I received a message from Vicki Wartman, who told me to stop out to the Shawano County Housing Authority office. She said she sent a gift along with her husband, John, and I should stop by to pick it up.

Vicki is a local author of delightful children’s books. Her pen name is Nanny V. Vicki gifted me with a wonderful book titled “Lorna the Leprechaun.” It is adorable. Lorna the Leprechaun’s job is to light up the rainbow. She is assisted by Beatrice the Butterfly and Betsy the Bluebird of Happiness.

She dedicated the book to me. Her dedication says, “This book is dedicated to Lorna Marquardt whose help and encouragement helped me launch my book career. Lorna, your kindness will always be remembered. Thank you, signed Nanny V.”

I can’t express how humbled I am. I sat in the Country Store parking lot reading this sweet book, smiling with tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t have received a birthday gift more special. Sometimes we receive an unexpected blessing that takes our breath away.

It was a week to remember!

This concludes my series on customers and customer service.

Question: Who was mayor when the city of Shawano was required by the state of Wisconsin to build a sewage plant? When was it completed? (Answer on Page A3.)

Clothesline Conversation Answer: Emil Juedes was mayor. It was completed in 1960.

Lorna Marquart is a former mayor of Shawano.