Meet Kevin Paul


Carol Wagner Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Kevin Paul volunteers at the Shawano Area Food Pantry and Resource Center.

Kevin Paul volunteers at the Shawano Area Food Pantry and Resource Center.

Paul was born in Chicago, graduating from St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He worked in computer software, then took some classes at Roosevelt University. He worked in engineering for Motorola for 20 years and then did various jobs before moving to Shawano to work as director of software development at a small business. Paul then opened a restaurant in Suamico.

Paul and his wife, Kathy, have six children and eight grandchildren and live in Cecil. He enjoys cooking, reading and doing puzzles.

Q What do you do for SAFPARC?

A “I have two functions. I am the office manager and the president of the board.”

Q What are your duties as office manager?

A “I make sure we take care of repairs, make sure the bills are paid, balance accounts, take care of financial analysis and report to the board.”

Q What do you do as president of the board?

A “I put together the agenda for the meetings. Flo and I discuss it. We have four meetings a year. We go through financials and minutes from the last meeting and if there are any issues from the last meeting. At our next meeting we need to discuss staffing the Red Barn. Last year the doors went out and we needed to get them fixed right away because we have so many seniors and disabled.”

Q How is the pantry funded?

A “Through grants and donations. Some people give money, some give time and some do both. Right now we’re keeping up. People come through. When people are down and out and we help them then they or someone who knows them gives back. It’s gratitude.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “Because somebody has to. I’m grateful that it’s here. So much need is sad. I’ve always done community service pretty much my adult life. I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader for 10 years. I also did some fundraisers.”