Snowed-in resident grateful for neighbors

You have been hearing a lot of bad things in the news these days, but I wanted to tell you of something really positive. Something that makes me feel very blessed to be living in Shawano. From Friday, April 13, to Monday, we’ve had a nasty snowstorm that has piled huge drifts against our doors and our driveway. Our snowblower is not strong enough to handle this amount of heavy, wet snow all at once. Since I have old injuries to my lower back, it is very difficult for me to do as much at any one time, though I do try to push myself sometimes unwisely.

All of our neighbors have been digging themselves out with the heavy snowfall, and then they saw that our driveway was badly snowed in with heavy drifts. Rather than ignoring it, just digging themselves out and leaving things that way, they came together and dug me out. The snow was piled in huge drifts against my garage door and front door, making it impossible for me to go anywhere. Without being asked, with no thought of reward, they came and dug out not only the huge snowdrifts piling my driveway, but also the huge piles left by the city’s snowplows.

Not just once did they do this, but twice. They dug out my driveway twice. Otherwise I would have been stuck, snowed in until the snow melted enough to be able to move. I live along South Andrews Street at the corner of South Andrews and Pearl. My neighbors came together to help each other out and to help me out in this terrible snowstorm, and I am deeply grateful. I wrote this letter because, while you hear all sorts of bad things in the news lately and people complaining about various situations, I wanted to remind everyone of the truly good people that there are in this city, of the neighbors who are willing to help each other in their time of need and come together when it really counts.

Thank you everyone.

Bridget Kielas-Fecyk,