Inmate charged in attack on jail officers


Leader Staff

A Shawano County Jail inmate will be arraigned Monday on charges of battery to two correctional officers during an altercation at the jail last month.

Anthonee J. Kelley, 18, is accused of striking the officers and causing bodily harm to two officers who were performing a call inspection during a lockdown on April 30.

Kelley allegedly struck an officer in the face as he exited his cell for the inspection and continued to attack him, according to the criminal complaint, until he was subdued by another officer, who was also allegedly struck in the mouth by Kelley.

The first officer momentarily blacked out after being struck in the head and jaw, the complaint states.

Kelley could face a maximum possible sentence of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count if found guilty.

He was previously convicted of two felony counts of throwing or expelling bodily substances at an officer, according to court records.

Kelley requested that he be able to defend himself in the case rather than having counsel appointed during a court appearance Friday, where he also waived his preliminary hearing.