City annexes 46 acres from town of Waukechon

Property will be home to relocated Reinhart Foodservices

The city of Shawano got just a little bigger Wednesday.

That’s when the Shawano Common Council approved annexation of 46 acres of property in the town of Waukechon to accommodate a new facility for Reinhart Foodservice.

The city will pay the town of Waukechon an amount equal to the amount of taxes Waukechon would have collected from the annexed territory annually for five years.

Mayor Ed Whealon said the taxes would amount to “a couple hundred dollars a year.”

The original plan had been for the city to annex about 60 acres, but several property owners in the proposed annexation territory decided they did not want to become part of the city.

The annexation approved Wednesday works around those properties and creates a 33-foot easement along the eastern edge that will also remain part of Waukechon so they can stay connected to the town.

Reinhart Foodservice is relocating its existing distribution center to the new site just south of County Road B.

The project will require the expansion of Shawano’s Tax Incremental Finance District 7, which was created to accommodate the Belmark Inc. project.

A development agreement has yet to be crafted, but one option being discussed would provide Reinhart with about $3.8 million in property tax rebates over the next 10 to 12 years, according to City Administrator Brian Knapp.

The total cost of the project is expected to be about $32 million.

Reinhart’s current facility at 2655 E. Richmond St. has 264 full-time employees.

According to the company’s business assistance application filed with the city, Reinhart intends to hire an additional 15 employees over the next five years and potentially an additional 50 or more employees over the next 10 years if the new facility is constructed.

All current jobs would be retained, according to Reinhart.

According to the company, the new facility would enable growth that cannot be accommodated in the existing distribution center.

The new facility would be about 266,000 square feet, more than 100,000 square feet larger than the current facility, with the possibility of future expansion to 460,000 square feet.

Reinhart also anticipates the new facility would operate 40 percent more energy-efficiently than its existing facility.

The company anticipates completing the project by June 2019.