Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


PACs shouldn’t have constitutional rights

To the editor:

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision commonly known as Citizens United, which grants corporations, unions and PACs (political action committees) the right to donate unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against political candidates. This ruling effectively gives constitutional rights to large moneyed entities, thus empowering them to pour huge sums of money into campaigns and ads to influence public opinion.

United to Amend is a national movement established to put pressure on Congress to act on amending the Constitution to make it clear that only individuals have constitutional rights — not corporations, unions or PACs, and that money is not political speech under the First Amendment.

Over 750 communities across the U.S. have already passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment. According to polls, this movement is supported by a majority of both Republicans and Democrats.

Shawano Area Women’s Network (SAWN) is joining the effort by collecting signatures of city of Shawano residents to put a referendum on this issue on a future ballot.

Volunteers will be out gathering signatures until the end of August. If you are concerned about the influence of unlimited amounts of corporate cash flowing into politics, please join their effort by adding your name to a signature sheet when a volunteer stops by. Signatures are only for the purpose of validating that you are a resident of the city of Shawano. You will not be asked for a phone number or email.

Jan Schreiber,