Reality check regarding free health care, schooling

To the editor:

So you want free health care and free education for all.

A little reality check is in order. Prime examples of socialist governments and how residents fare are not hard to find if you really want to see what our country would look like with these policies in place.

Venezuela has nationalized its employers, taken over the financial institutions and given its residents free everything, and that’s why these people are fleeing the country in droves. They are starving to death. No food or public services work anymore.

On Expedition Unknown, Norway was featured, and they are a socialist government free-everything-nation with personal income taxes paid to the government that average 50 percent to 75 percent. Sales taxes in Norway happen to be 25 percent, with gasoline costing $9 a gallon on average. Do you really think you could afford these kind of taxes and still have a nice shiny car in front of your home?

Please stop and think before you let some dishonest politician tell you that you can have free health care and schooling without paying for it! Are we really that stupid?

Bruce Watters