Sorlie promises changes in sheriff’s office

To the editor:

My name is Keith Sorlie and I am a candidate for Shawano County sheriff. I am running as a candidate who is independent of party affiliation.

If I am elected sheriff, I will keep the following promises:

• I will ask the county board to rescind the raise that has been awarded to the sheriff beginning in 2019. I will ask that the money be used to give other employees at the sheriff’s office a raise. If they will not rescind the raise, I will find another way to distribute that money to my team.

• I will spend at least a half-hour each year with each member of my team. I will spend my time with them while they are working so I can learn some of the details of their job. I will give them a voice, and my door will be open to them.

• I, or a member of my administrative staff, will meet with each employee who leaves employment at the sheriff’s office. We will do this so we know why the employee is leaving. We will also use this interview to find out the employee’s perception of the sheriff’s office’s strengths and weaknesses.

• We will create a team that will be available to give presentations on the current drug trends and on the dangers of drugs and drug addictions. I will be a member of that team. This team will give the presentations in the county’s schools and to any civics organization that requests a presentation. I will attend those presentations to the best of my ability.

• I will change the responsibilities of one detective so that their primary responsibility is drug enforcement. This will increase the number of detectives who are working drug cases by one. I will do this by making the captain responsible for the supervision of the detective division, and I will change the responsibilities of the current detective sergeant of that drug detective.

• My staff and I will do our best to ensure that monies entrusted to us are spent wisely. We will not spend money on frivolous programs and will use statistics to determine areas of the county that need extra patrols.

• I will do my best to be accountable to the people of Shawano County. I make decisions based on the needs of the people of Shawano County. I will do my best to make sure that I, and everyone on my team, treat the people that we encounter in a professional manner.

Further, I would welcome a debate with Adam Bieber in reference to the challenges that are currently facing the sheriff’s office.

Keith Sorlie,