Go with third-party choice for Assembly

To the editor:

There’s a political solution.

Both political parties at one time, or another, have had control of Wisconsin. Politicians want to protect the two-party system. They see third-party men and women as a threat to their security.

On Dec. 22, 2017, I wrote a letter to my Sixth Assembly District Representative, Gary Tauchen, asking why he supported gutting the sulfide mining moratorium law, which was protecting our valuable fresh water for the past 20 years; or sucking $375.6 million out of our transportation fund, making our roads more dangerous to drive on. To date, no reply. Mr. Tauchen is part of the Republican Party, which controls our state legislature. He must feel so secure about his position that he don’t have to respond to uncomfortable letters.

The two-party political system is broken. Both sides hate each other, even stooping so low as to give the other side the finger or expressing the four letter word to them. I see a solution to this stalemate. We need more third party people in our legislature so neither party will ever have total control in our state capitol again. A monopoly eliminates the need for compromise. More third party men and women will force the parties to get along.

Wisconsin’s Sixth Assembly District representative is going to be on the ballot Nov. 6. I like Mike Hammond, a Libertarian. Our current representative, Gary Tauchen, in my opinion, thinks he’s unbeatable. Getting people like Mike Hammond in office as a third-party representative is the only solution I see for sanely running our state.

If you’re not good with names, cut out Hammond’s name from this letter and put it in your purse or wallet. When you get to the voting booth, if you’ve forgotten his name, you’ll have it in your wallet or purse.

Mike Hammond will be good for Wisconsin’s political system.

John J. Mutter Jr.,