Seasons not transitioning like normal

There are four seasons of each year. Often, one gently flows into another, with only a hint of what is to come. This year has not quite gone so smoothly. I saw hints of spring, but then the blizzard hit and reminded us that winter still held its grip.

The snow melted rather quickly, and when the heat hit, it came with a lot of humidity. I saw hints of the impending autumn, but suddenly the weather turned cool, damp and rainy. Dampness makes things feel even colder.

Now that I have arthritis pain in my feet, the pain gets worse with damp, cool weather. So, while others wondered when and if to turn their thermometer up, I didn’t consider that at all. I turned mine up on the cool mornings — no guilt at all.

I am glad that I did go out with the camera for a couple of days when things were still sunny to snap a few pictures. The trees are starting to turn now, and the pictures are harder to get without the sun to bring out the full color. However, that is something I can’t control, so I will enjoy things as they are, not as how I want.

Autumn is the time of year when gray smoke cascades lazily up from smoldering leaf piles. It is the time when bright brittle leaves dance above the ground as they race the frisky dog, who is chasing and leaping up at them.

It’s a time when God spills His mighty palate, and the paints splash across the trees in wild disarray. A time when the Lord lays the earth down to rest after the hard labor of summer.

This fall will seem more exciting than most, as the Milwaukee Brewers are division champions. The boys of summer will be hanging on all the way to the World Series, I hope. I am glad that I made a point to get their schedule this year and tune in to their games whenever possible.

As a child, I remember sleeping upstairs in the old farmhouse, and how frosty it was to jump out from under the warm woolen quilt to face the freezing floor and air of the room. In no time at all, I had my clothes on and flew downstairs where Ma had the kitchen nice and warm, with the wood cook stove stoked up. Often, freshly made French toast awaited me, along with maple syrup. Who could ask for anything more?

The winter season is not due to arrive for quite a while as yet. I still have the feeling that we are going to get some warmer, sunnier days in this month. I don’t want to mention the snow word quite yet, but I know that the Black Hills and Canada have already had some. I did have new tires put on the car today, so the car is ready.

What kind of winter will this one be? I’ve heard warmer than usual, however, I also heard that September was to have had lots of 80-degree days, and that didn’t happen. How do we know that winter is on its way? We see Christmas items already out for sale in many of the stores.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for ever matter under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

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