Transcript of text exchanges in Barker infant death case

The following are text exchanges between Catherine Barker and two friends she contacted telling them about her infant son’s death. The exchanges were included in the criminal complaint.

BARKER: My son died between last night and this morning by suffocating himself with his blanket and when I woke up he was dead and I tried to revive him but I couldn’t.

FRIEND: Does your dad know?

BARKER: He’s Dead. I gave him cpr and I tried everything I could do. doesn’t know because I don’t know how I’m suppose to tell him.

FRIEND: Just run down there and say dad my kid dead.

BARKER: Was anything wrong with him?

FRIEND: How did he suffocate himself?

BARKER: Nothing was wrong with him. face up with his blanket. He suffocated himself by covering his face up with his blanket.

FRIEND: What are you going to do with the baby

FRIEND: And oh no…

BARKER: I’m going to bury him

FRIEND: You should probably let your friends and family know

FRIEND: You gotta contact the police and such hunny.

BARKER: If I contact the police then I go to jail


FRIEND: It don’t show your name?

FRIEND: Where is the baby now?

BARKER: Idk why it doesn’t show my name. I have warrants out for my arrest because I have unpaid fines and baby is still upstairs in my room

(During an initial court appearance last week, Shawano-Menominee County Assistant District Attorney Catharine White told the court there were no warrants for Barker’s arrest.)



FRIEND: What are you going to do?

BARKER: I’m going to be burying him

FRIEND: Where?

BARKER: Out in the country

FRIEND: Are you sure he’s dead?

FRIEND: Take him to the hospital

BARKER: I know he’s dead. You can come over.

FRIEND: What’s your address again?

The following are text exchanges with the second friend Barker contacted.



FRIEND: What’s up

BARKER: You’ re the first person I’m telling this to. My son died in his sleep last night

FRIEND: What! ! !!

BARKER: Yeah. He covered his face and suffocated. He’s still in my room because I don’t have the guts to tell my dad or any of my family

FRIEND: How did he suffocate what did he cover his face with

BARKER: He covered his face with his blanket

FRIEND: U have to tell ur dad

BARKER: I kno I’m getting my truck fixed today so I can bury him by myself

FRIEND: I’m so sorry cat (crying emoji)

BARKER: I will eventually be ok

FRIEND: Hey if you need anything I’m her for you

BARKER: I kno I want you to be there with me when I bury him.

FRIEND: I will deffentily be there

BARKER: Ok. I’m not having a service or anything. I’m going to be burying him tonight but I’m doing it in the country on a back road so nobody will know.

FRIEND: OK um I don’t have a ride?

BARKER: My truck is going to be fixed so I’ll have my truck

FRIEND: But shouldn’t u have a funeral for him?

BARKER: I don’t really want anybody knowing about this because then the cops would get involved and I would most likely go to jail

FRIEND: Why wud u go to jail

BARKER: I have unpaid fines and I have warrants out


BARKER: Yeah and if I did have a funeral for him that would cost to much

FRIEND: But if you bury him n the cops found out u could go to prison

BARKER: The cops aren’t going to find out