Sorlie will benefit county as sheriff

To the editor:

It is an honor and privilege that I submit this letter of endorsement on behalf of Keith Sorlie, candidate for Shawano County sheriff.

After 47 years in law enforcement, with the majority of that time in management, I can speak with some authority about leadership. I understand the characteristic and attributes that make people good leaders.

Keith Sorlie is a man with unquestionable integrity, compassion and kindness. His commitment to his faith, family and community is unwavering. He cares deeply about the law enforcement and emergency services community, and I cannot think of a better man to serve as Shawano County sheriff.

I have experienced firsthand the dedication and professionalism of Keith Sorlie having had the privilege of working with him in Shawano County. While serving as chief of police in the village of Bonduel, I had many occasions to work with Keith on law enforcement matters. When the village was experiencing some drug-related issues, Keith and his staff rallied to the cause and assisted our police department in eradication efforts. With his assistance, we served several drug-related search warrants and arrested our problem people.

Keith Sorlie is a candidate who will always place the needs of the community and his staff first. Having discussed with Keith his plans and goals for improvement at the sheriff’s department, I am completely confident that he understands the issues and will address them with a professional approach.

Keith Sorlie possesses viable solutions to troublesome issues such as poor morale, high staff turnover and inter-agency collaboration. He will manage with complete transparency, accountability and goodwill.

Rest assured, Keith Sorlie will always put the needs of public safety on the forefront.

It is time for new leadership at the sheriff’s department. Leadership that welcomes those with differing opinions. Good managers embrace their staff and value their worth to the agency.

The citizens of Shawano County have an opportunity in November to elect a new sheriff. Keith Sorlie is the only candidate uniquely prepared and qualified to take the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department to the next level.

Keith’s philosophy is simple: A life not spent serving others is a life wasted.

Please vote in November and make a difference; elect Keith Sorlie sheriff.

Todd W. Chaney,

Bonduel chief of police (retired)