Candidate hears health care, environment concerns

To the editor:

As a doctor, I have a responsibility to help all my patients, a responsibility I’ve never taken lightly during my nearly 30 years practicing here in Shawano. Now running as the Democratic candidate for the Assembly District 6 seat, that responsibility has been ratcheted up a notch.

The two issues that concern residents most, according to recent surveys by the Democratic Party and confirmed in all my door-to-door visits and campaign stops, are affordable health care and a healthy environment.

The first one is a topic I’ve been addressing tirelessly for years now. My patients have shared with me in no uncertain terms the futility they feel in trying to find decent health care coverage. That sentiment holds especially true for those who own small businesses and small farms. Without affordable health care, they can’t stay in business, can’t hold onto their farms and can’t keep their families and employees healthy. The domino effect is a failing local economy.

If elected, I will support immediate expansion of Badger Care and proposals to provide affordable health insurance to all Wisconsin residents.

Protecting the environment is the second top-of-mind issue among voters. Again, residents have not minced words in telling me they worry about groundwater pollution and poor air quality from big farming and other local high-capacity industries that show blatant lack of regard for the environment.

To ensure we stop taking the cream off the top of the earth, I will support legislation that supports clean air and clean water. We must stop this pattern of environmental thoughtlessness that is already affecting the quality of life of our children and grandchildren.

Finally, this is my chance to thank the incumbent for his years in office. Now it’s time for someone else to serve, and I come prepared with ideas for a healthy future. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Be sure to vote.

Dr. Richard Sarnwick,