Corrections officer still awaits exit interview

To the editor:

After reading last Friday’s article concerning our sheriff candidates’ comments on jail staff turnover, I felt compelled to respond, since our current sheriff seemed to be having difficulty grasping reality.

I have been a correctional officer for the last 20 years with the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department, and it was true that I received a face-to-face interview when I was hired. One month prior to my departure, I received an exit survey that I was expected to complete and return anonymously. There was no interview as our sheriff contends, and the only paperwork that he was referring to in the article might have been my two-week notice.

Twice in the article, our sheriff referred to exit interviews in which information was gathered from departing staff. Mine never happened. I’m still waiting.

After accepting two plaques in recognition of my career, I was offered the opportunity to address the County Board. I read the names of the 46 staff members that have departed the corrections division alone during the 46 months of our present sheriff’s term. Of that list, only one has moved to the patrol division.

In the article, our sheriff indicated that number to be larger. Aren’t exaggerations of the truth called “misrepresentations”? The Shawano County voters/taxpayers deserve better.

I would like to thank the Shawano County taxpayers, the County Board and the jail administrative members that were involved in my recognition last Wednesday. Unfortunately, our sheriff was unable to attend my “exit interview.”

James Wickesberg,