Vukmir supports veterans, conservative values

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, I will be voting for Leah Vukmir for the United States Senate. I was watching a debate between Senate candidates in Indiana. The Democrat stated that the Republican was against pre-existing conditions. Sound familiar?

I have military friends across the country, and apparently every Democrat across the country is making that ridiculous statement and saying that their Republican opponent wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. Sound familiar?

I am confident in Leah’s support for veterans. I am a 34-year military veteran with two combat commands. Leah has a son, Niko, who graduated from ranger school this spring and was selected to be part of the Old Guard, the unit that works the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Arlington Cemetery. Leah is a strong military mom. Leah stood strong in Madison when demonstrators were trashing our beautiful state Capitol.

Leah is a proven, strong conservative. Leah stood with Gov. Scott Walker and will stand with President Donald Trump. I will proudly be voting for Leah on Nov. 6. Remember to vote.

Col. (ret.) Richard W. Kucksdorf,