Writer reflects on causes of war

To the editor:

As a 77-year-old retiree now, I reflect on what might have been avoided then, when I was a fresh 22 years old heading for a draft into military service with a Vietnam conflict that was gradually exploding.

President Kennedy had intentions to end whatever this war had become, but these intentions Lady Bird Johnson could not afford to let happen. She was primed up to gain untold billions of dollars income through her vast corporate war support supply companies, which she headed. Her corporate bundle was, after JFK’s murder, to provide for the next seven-plus years, billions upon billions of taxpayer-bought war munitions, i.e., “whatever generals ‘need’ to fight a war ‘properly.’” Lady Bird’s greed didn’t give a damn for the 38,000 US troops who would die, which the passage of time has ultimately shown, to have been sadly, sadly in vain.

I offer this overview of what it was, for all of you pocket computer encyclopedian fleet fingers. Try to accept, or even refute what I’ve said.

One added thought — the Johnsons, both of them, did not like JFK. Kennedy wouldn’t have carried Texas in his election if he hadn’t put Johnson on the election ticket.

People, try to learn that politicians’ only answer to depression and to create jobs is to build warring equipment. Time has proves it through World War I and World War II, the Korean “conflict,” the Vietnam horror. In another 50 years there will be more of the past sameness.

Brian Semrau,


Editor’s note: The National Archives and Records Administration has records of 58,220 Vietnam War fatalities.