As winter approaches, fall is also on the way

Falling is such a helpless feeling. In that instant, you know you are going down, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Of course, the first concern is injury. The second concern is, “Did anyone witness the fall?” I have only fallen twice, but I sure made a public display of myself both times.

The first time I fell, it was in front of the post office. I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. My purse flew in one direction and my glasses in another. As I reached for my glasses, I could hear someone loudly proclaim, “The mayor is down; the mayor is down.” I desperately wanted to fall through the sidewalk and disappear. I quickly got up, not knowing or caring if I was hurt, and bolted to my car. The voice called out, “Can I help you? Are you OK?”

I muttered I was fine and quickly got into my car. Once there, I began to assess the damage. I discovered a hole in the knee of my slacks, surrounded by some blood. I checked my glasses; no cracks. Luckily, no broken bones either — just a bruised ego.

The second fall occurred not too long ago. I purchased a swag from the Village Garden. As I carried it out of the store, I could not see the edge of the step, and I fell. As luck would have it, Shawano’s finest witnessed my fall, immediately put their lights on and headed to my aid. So much for hoping no one saw me. Two very kind young men also witnessed my fall and helped me to my feet before the officer got out of the squad, but bless his heart for being there if needed. I don’t know who the young men were, but I sure appreciated their assistance.

When I got to the car, which was parked around the corner, my hubby asked, “What was going on up there? I saw squad lights and a couple of guys running.” Trying not to laugh, I replied, “Some clumsy old lady was checking out the sidewalk.”

I plan to be very careful this winter, as slippery steps and sidewalks are the cause for many falls. I came across this simple way to de-ice icy steps and sidewalks: Mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks and steps.

Speaking of snow, have you seen the delightful snowflake decorations welcoming visitors to downtown Shawano? The wreaths were beautiful but tired-looking. It was time for a change. The stores have done a nice job of decorating their windows and putting shoppers in a festive mood.

Be sure to visit Franklin Park to see the beautiful trees sponsored and decorated by businesses and nonprofit groups. If you are reading this article on Saturday, then you might want to attend the tree lighting ceremony at 5 p.m.

The trees will be lit and available for viewing between Nov. 24 and Jan. 5. I’m sure the lighting of the trees will be a wonderful new annual tradition.

I visited with my granddaughter this week. She is in her second year of college and lives off campus. When asked what she’s been doing, she told me “Grandma, I’m busy planning a ‘Friendsgiving.’ Some of my college friends have part-time jobs and have to work on Thanksgiving, so they can’t go home.” That is why Morgan and her roommate Elice decided to invite them over so they could all celebrate together.

I learned in the past five or so years, hosting a meal among friends has become a standard part of the Thanksgiving celebration for many young adults, which is how the term “Friendsgiving” came about. I smiled when Morgan told me about her plans, realizing sometimes our young people aren’t given enough credit.

My son has been spending time here for the annual deer hunt. No matter how old a son or daughter is, mothers love to have them return to their old bedroom. (Just for a visit, of course.) The house suddenly feels right again. I guess a mom never tires of mothering. I love cooking his favorite meals and visiting with him into the night. Of course, I always hope he gets a deer. That would be a bonus. But spending time with one of my “dears” makes hunting a special time of the year for this mom.

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” Native American saying

Question: What was the name of the original appliance/dry cleaning business that is currently Heins Appliances, and when was it built?

Clothesline Conversation Answer: The business was Ben Skalitzky Appliances, and it was built in 1959. The original location was 203 E. Fifth St.

Lorna Marquardt is a former Shawano mayor.