Hillside North To Present “Star Search” - Children’s Christmas Musical

Hillside North invites you to come to “Star Search”, their Children’s Christmas Musical on Saturday, December 15 at 6:30 p.m. Sometimes being a star isn’t about being the biggest and the brightest, it’s about being humble, being kind, and serving others if you really want to shine. This is the same lesson that the stars, Percy Perseus, Andy Andromeda, Cassie Cassiopeia, Jack Orion, Carl Stargan and Nell DeSpacey Tyson will be learning! The musical this year is called “Star Search” and you will see the time has come for our Creator God to put His plan into motion, and the search for the Star of Bethlehem has begun! When a Meteorite delivers a memo scroll announcing the search for a special star, most of the stars in the sky are too busy worrying about the competition to read the qualifications. Who will end up being the Star of Bethlehem?? “This musical has catchy songs and really funny lines. You are going to be singing the songs all the way home after you hear them.” Says Skhylar Simpson, one of the directors of this musical. All of these children can’t wait to show you this funny yet powerful performance. Percy Perseus is played by Kaylee Hinther, Andy Andromeda is played by Kristen Maloney, Cassie Cassiopeia is played by Chloe Landwehr, Jack Orion is played by Christian Coli Promoter, Carl Stragan is played by Tyler Mitchell, Nell DeSpacey Tyson is played by Ava Mitchell, and Bob, the youngest star, is played by Zeetan Truax. This is a performance that you are not going to want to miss! They will be performing on December 15 at 6:30 P.M. and there will also be cookies, punch, and coffee afterwards so that you get together with new friends. We can’t wait to see you and hope you can come out! Get your stargazing all ready for this musical! There will be a gift for everyone that attends. Hillside North is located at 2023 County Road Q in Pound. For more information you can call the church office at 920-897-2791.