Kids can play football if they know risks

Football is a very physical sport and is not for everyone. The brain injuries that the former players have to deal with are very serious and are sometimes life-threatening. Children who want to play football should be taught what can happen to them, but they should also be allowed to choose for themselves if they still want to play.

Former NFL players have to deal with a lot of injuries from their career. They include concussions, chronic traumatic encephalitic (CTE) and many others body-related injuries. Those come from getting hit in the head many times or from getting hit in a game or practice. Kids should be taught what can happen before they start playing so they know what they are getting themselves into. Football is making an effort to get better equipment to help the players not get injured. But if they really love the game, they should be able to keep playing.

Though there is a lot of risk with playing football, a lot of good can come from it, too. If you are good enough, you can earn a scholarship to college. If you are one of the very best, it can be your job and a very good source of money. It can give a kid who doesn’t have much a purpose to go to school and have good grades.

Kids who want to play football should be able to play. They should be informed about the risks, but have the choice. No one should stop someone from doing something if that’s what they want to do.

Drew Haffner,