Immigration fine if it’s done legally

To the editor:

We have just re-elected a senator who is firmly in the “don’t help pass a darn thing that might actually help people to spite Trump” camp that includes helping to solve the immigration crisis.

Isn’t that just peachy, folks? I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Now to those who want to give me the other side on immigration would you please pay attention as I am typing this very slowly just for you. My ancestors came legally from Europe many generations ago. I have relatives who now work in the U.S. who came from Canada legally just in the last several years. I am not against people wanting to work here, but do it legally and get a green card. I am not against legal immigration either.

The Department of Homeland Security estimates 600 in the caravans are felons and/or criminals fleeing justice. DHS, not me, also says the majority of those seeking asylum are not women and children. Now, DHS is warning that many in the caravans are carrying diseases.

What will it take to wake people up to the fact that the media (ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN) aren’t telling you the whole truth? Is everyone becoming brain dead?

Bruce Watters,