Are they immigrants or migrants?

Richard W. Kucksdorf Special to the Leader

America needs workers but legal workers. The confusion is caused by politics. Are the people we are discussing immigrants or migrants? America is a country of immigrants, and no person disputes that fact. But if we are to maintain our identity as a country, we must enforce our laws. Those who wish to immigrate to our country should want to assimilate. Migrant workers do not need to assimilate but should be documented.

I propose a plan with three lines of effort — build the wall, document and educate.

Build a wall with controlled entries that is patrolled on both sides. This will help stop the deadly human trafficking.

Document 100 percent of the illegal migrants using the military, which has been done in the past. America will deport criminals, but America will not deport 11 million illegal/undocumented migrant workers. April through October 1980: Cuban Mariel Boatlift refugees were processed at several military bases to include Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, and 125,000 Cuban refugees were processed.

Education is a key element to assimilation. I have read stories about how legal immigrants to America conducted schools to educate their children but also sent their children to local public schools. Some argue that public schools should only teach English, but that is illegal.

In 1974, the Supreme Court decision Lau v. Nichols declared San Francisco was violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is much confusion regarding this ruling and how it was to be implemented. The bottom line is that public education must meet the needs of non-English speaking students.

Would it be so wrong for the non-English speaking students to also have concurrent classes in English? Would it be so wrong to teach what has made America great, which by the way is why so many immigrants from around the world try to get to America?

There are studies showing that follow-on generations do learn English. Many of the migrant workers work in the farm fields, hotel staff, lawn care, etc., all associated with unions. The unions speak to the migrant workers in Spanish and do not always tell these workers the whole story.

Organizations like La Raza, which has been around since 1972, do not like the Democrats or Republicans but support the Democrats more so than Republicans. La Raza is not for America, and it is not for Mexico, La Raza is for La Raza. Documenting all of the undocumented migrant workers and ensuring that each person knows the truth (or where they can find it) will help them.

Without this ability to find out what is truth, they are dependent and stuck just like a slave to what is told to them by the Spanish-speaking organizations and media that control the messages to these hard-working people. (“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” Frederick Douglas) The truth will set you free. (“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” George Washington Carver)

Democrats are losing the Black and Spanish vote. Democrats need a dependent class and are working to import voters. Illegal immigrants are already allowed to vote in some local elections.

My conclusion is that we are a country of laws, and we must enforce these federal laws to include within these self-declared sanctuary elements. We must build a complete wall along the Mexican-American border. Our education system must focus on education and not indoctrination from preschool to college.

These migrant workers are human beings and are not political pawns (slaves). Concurrent to what I mention in my conclusion, Congress must write new immigration and education requirement laws. God bless America!