The increasing aging population

When I look at all of us here in assisted living and think of all the other places for seniors and more being built, I can see a world dominated by an aging population. Many stay put in their care centers, but those of us who can still get around are seen at restaurants and casinos. The latter are popular entertainment spots where you sit and hope to get lucky.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, activity directors try to entertain their clients, but most of us would rather sleep. They bring in musicians who think we are really ancient, playing Civil War songs, when actually, we are from the Big Band era. Card games and dominoes are popular, but bingo more so, where you sit like at the casinos and you hope your lucky number comes up.

Trips are scheduled, but not for those of us who can’t get around. We like our solitude and favorite TV shows. We sleep a lot, napping after breakfast and then after dinner too. So, we are not hard to please.

My son retired at 67 but didn’t know what to do with himself. He had been an engineer for a cheese company. They had wanted him to stay on as a consultant. After two years, he finally went back to work for them as a traveling consultant. He loves it, and they love him. He is helping build a new cheese plant in Wisconsin.

Many others say they don’t want to retire, and those with skills find much to do such as building garages, repairing decks, etc. Many grandparents help raise their grandchildren.

Times have sure changed. Long ago, old timers stayed on living with their children until their dying day. There are pros and cons about both scenarios. But, at 91 years of age, I love living in assisted living at The Cottages.

Marcie Leitzke, still going strong in her 90s, has written columns for The Shawano Leader and Engines and Engineers magazine. She is the last surviving founder for the Shawano Area Writers.