Problems pile up like snowbank in polar vortex

There is nothing quite like technical problems to drive someone, who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s a bit over the edge. First, without any knowledge by me, my computer was chugging out a series of pleas to everyone on my email list, plus a few others, I believe, saying I was traveling, and could they buy a gift card for my nephew’s birthday.

I love all of my nephews, however, if I want to buy them a gift card, I will be the one to purchase it. Lots of my friends notified me, wondering if it was true. Having gotten some of the same emails from friends of mine, I knew right away someone was phishing or bugging my computer.

For my generation, knowing something is wrong, and fixing it are two different things. A change of password, thanks to my computer guru at Computer Haus, and things seemed to be fine, except suddenly my influx of emails slowed and then quit altogether. Emails are fine, a lot get deleted, but there are some business related, and are important.

Meanwhile, I had downloaded some protections, and today, with a little help, I found out where the emails can be found. I might have missed a few, but the current ones are downloading.

That was last week, so computer glitch and polar vortex all on the same day. I tried my best to keep thinking positive; at least my car and my furnace was working. However, when I got home from that day’s appointment, the aroma in my home was like an overheated something. I went downstairs to check the furnace. Of course, I had no idea what to look for, but it did seem hot, normal, not normal, I did not know.

So I called the furnace repairman, and was relieved that he was available to come and look things over. It turned out the furnace was overheating, and needed fixing, sure was better than a blown pipe. He was nice enough to show me where the gauge marker should be, so in the future I will have a better idea.

More polar vortex days passed, and all remained well with the furnace. I kept any daytime appointments, but snuggled in at home the rest of the time.

When the forecasters were talking about the warm-up coming, with rain, I strongly suspected, that was going to mean more snuggle time, as that would surly mean ice, which I don’t like to drive on, and fear walking on, so once again I was home. Slowly, I am getting many of the inside jobs accomplished. The Christmas tree has finally been put away, and my serger is ready for mission quilt sewing.

One of these days I will have to pop my head up again, just like that groundhog, simply, because I am running out of groceries. I never totally trust that groundhog’s forecast, but I know we have at least six weeks of uncertain, winter weather, no matter what. A nice sunny warm-up is on my mind come middle of March. A bit early, maybe, but the Brewers will be in spring training soon.

Meanwhile, when it comes to computers, let the browser beware of the nasties out there.