Area communities could see leadership changes in April

Voters have numerous contested races at local level

There could be some shake-ups in local governments in April, with more than two dozen contested races scattered around townships, villages and school districts in Shawano County.

Numerous board member seats are up for grabs, as are a number of town chairman and village president posts.

In some communities, there will be big changes no matter who wins on April 2.

Bonduel’s village president is not seeking re-election to that post in April but is one of four candidates running for three trustee seats.

Current Village President Sharon Wussow joins incumbent trustees Barb Wickman and Kevin Bartlett, along with challenger Kay Zulegar, in their bids to fill three village board seats on the April 2 ballot.

Wickman is also running for village president against challenger Russ Gehm.

In addition to the three trustee seats on the ballot, the village has a fourth, vacant trustee position to fill as a result of the resignation last month of Tricia Quandt.

The village is looking for someone to fill the rest of the two-year term, which expires in April 2020.

The city of Shawano will see a change in April, even though there are no contested races.

Shawano Alderman Bob Kurkiewicz is not seeking re-election to his District 1 seat, but Jeff Easter, director of buildings and grounds for the Shawano School District, is running unopposed for that spot.

Other races for the Shawano Common Council are uncontested, but in the Shawano School District, four candidates are seeking three school board seats, including incumbents Diane Hoffman and Starlyn Tourtillott, and challengers Mart Grams and Chris Gull.

Another high-profile race in the area has incumbent Wescott Town Chairman Brian Moesch being challenged by Donald Anker.

Moesch was appointed chairman by the board after the passing of Mike Schuler last year. Anker made an unsuccessful bid against Schuler for the chairman’s post two years ago.

Here is a list of other contested races in Shawano County on the April ballot:

— In the town of Angelica, incumbents Wilbert Lewis and Greg Van Asten face a challenge from James Przybylski for one of their supervisor seats. (Voters will vote for two out of the three candidates.) Also in the town of Angelica, incumbent Clerk Janet Powers faces a challenge from Connie Przybylski.

— In the town of Belle Plaine, incumbent supervisor Harold Polzin will face off against challenger Aaron Retzlaff.

— In the town of Birnamwood, incumbent supervisor Dennis Van Prooyen faces a challenge from Dennis Rochwite, while challenger Ed Meverden makes a bid for incumbent Steven Steinke’s supervisor seat.

— In the town of Green Valley, there are three candidates seeking two supervisor seats, including incumbent Gary Uelmen and challengers Brandon Nygaard and Ryan Foat.

— In the town of Hutchins, four candidates are vying for two supervisor seats, including incumbent Jeremy Metko and challengers Tim Zwirschitz, Richard Fischer and Dan Wolf.

— In the town of Maple Grove, four candidates are vying for two supervisor seats, including incumbents Alan Leidel and David Wagner, and challengers Ron Maroszek and Dennis Sigl.

— In the town of Seneca, incumbents Harvey Stefl and Michael Trinko are both running for the District 1 seat, while Carolyn Marie Jolitz and Matthew Woller are vying for the District 2 seat that Trinko currently holds.

— In the town of Washington, David Korth, currently a supervisor, will go up against Dan Kowalczyk in the race for town chairman. Incumbent chairman Jim Schneider lost his bid to return to that seat in Tuesday’s primary.

— Four candidates are running for two seats on the Washington Town Board, including incumbent Steven Wegner, Kyle Waelchli, Paul Gagnow and Steve Kohlbeck.

— Also in the town of Washington, incumbent Treasurer Tom Fazendin faces a challenge from Amber Bahr, and incumbent Constable Marvin Gehm will go up against challenger Charley Fritsch.

— In the town of Waukechon, Incumbent Alan Beyer faces a challenge from Douglas Beyer for the District 2 supervisor’s seat.

— In the town of Wittenberg, incumbents Daniel Weisensel and Debra Doering face a challenge from Justin Hartleben for one of their supervisor seats.

— In the village of Cecil, there are four candidates for three expiring trustee seats, including incumbents Ann Kallies, Dean Moesch and Travis Sumnicht and challenger Ann Walenski.

— In the village of Eland, incumbents Shane Larson and Dee Dorow face challenges from Deb Parker and Linda Spaude.

— In the village of Mattoon, president Brian Owen faces a challenge from James Zahn, while four candidates are vying for two trustee seats, including current board members Donald Fuller, Corey Zarda and Rachel Torres Rodriguez, along with challenger Paul Mort Beck.

— In the village of Tigerton, four candidates are seeking three trustee seats, including incumbents Bonnie Clark and David Dent, and challengers Amanda Gauthier and Steve Reinert.

— In the Bowler School District, Nicole Fuller and Theresa Serrano will compete in the race to represent the town of Hutchins on the school board. Incumbent John Fuerst was eliminated in Tuesday’s primary.

— In the Gresham School District, four candidates are seeking three at-large seats, including incumbents Jeff Hoffman and Alphia Creapeau, and challengers Joe Ejnik and Doug Huck.

— In the Pulaski School District, Brian Chlopek and Sarah Brunette will go head-to-head in the race for the Zone 1 seat representing the village of Pulaski.

— In the Tigerton School District, James Dent and Susan Drews will face off for the seat representing the village of Tigerton.