Sacred Heart mosaic more than just an art project

Contributed Photo Sacred Heart Catholic School students, from left, Dacey Webster, Lily Gee and Cora Pieper glue mosaic pieces during art class. Students in the second and third grades were the primary contributors to the mosaic hanging in the school, but students from other grades also helped out.

In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, students at Sacred Heart Catholic School created a large mosaic of Jesus carrying the cross. Under the direction of new art teacher Emma Follett, the project was not only a lesson in creativity but one of faith and cooperation as well.

“While teaching the students about mosaics was important to my classroom curriculum, my main goal was to come together and realize how art can communicate and celebrate our Catholic mission,” Follett said.

To create the mosaic, Follett used a black background as well as many colors of scrap paper that were recycled from previous projects. Second- and third-grade students held the reins for the art project, but she said some students from fourth and eighth grades volunteered to help, as well.

The bits of paper used for the mosaic were all different — some imperfect or frayed around the edges. Midway through the project, some of the students struggled to see how the image would come together.

“It provided a beautiful lesson in trusting God’s plan,” Follett said. “We are just like the pieces of the mosaic; though we may not understand the full picture, God has a beautiful plan for us.”

The mosaic is hanging in the hallway at Sacred Heart for students, staff, parents and visitors to admire.