Barn quilt highlights Marquardt family memories

Photo by Jim Leuenberger Members of the Marquardt family gather recently at the farm where Shawano County’s 347th barn quilt is displayed. Standing from left, Sally (Marquardt) Boldig, John and Rosanne Marquardt and their daughter, Gail Marquardt-Kujawa, Jeremy Marquardt and his son, Ezekiel and daughter, Quincee, Julie (Marquardt) Zeeman and her daughter, Sophia, and son, Robert, and Tim and Rachel (Marquardt) Kautz.

Shawano County’s 347th barn quilt has been put on display at Marq’s Land LLC, N6894 River Road, Wittenberg. The farm was owned by Dan Marquardt until he died in 2010. Ownership was then passed on to his children, Rachel, Julie, Lance and Jeremy. The quilt was sponsored by Dan’s siblings: Jan Lutz, Jeanne Elmhorst, Sally Boldig, John Marquardt and Debra Bird.

The barn quilt pattern, named Patriotic Marquanza, was designed by Lance Marquardt and features things that were important in the family members’ lives.

The farm has been in the Marquardt family for 99 years, starting in 1920 when Albert and Meta Marquardt purchased it from Andrew and Winnie Reiland. Albert’s brother Paul took over the farm in 1946. Paul sold the farm to his son Edgar and his wife, Alice, in 1965. They had a Holstein dairy herd, which their son Dan obtained with wife Phyllis when they purchased the farm after Edgar’s death in 1974.

The Holstein cow at the top of the barn quilt represents the dairy herd of about 60 cows that Dan and Phyllis Marquardt milked before selling the milking herd in 2002.

The stars and stripes, along with the 25th infantry patch on the left side of the quilt, are in honor of Dan, who served in the 25th infantry in Vietnam in 1969. The yellow rose on the right side of the quilt is in honor of Phyllis, who died in 2004.

Deer hunting was a tradition in the Marquardt family, thus the deer head at the bottom of the quilt. Finally, Dan and his sons were active baseball players for Bowler, so a baseball was included in the center of the quilt.

Speaking of baseball, Dan’s uncle Rollie — Edgar’s brother — played baseball in 1946 and 1947 in Montreal and actually played with the great Jackie Robinson. Not many people have that claim to fame.

The barn quilt was painted by the Shawano County barn quilt project committee and was put on display by LeRoy Raddant and Brekken Kleinschmidt of Raddant Electric in Shawano.