CMN brings home AIHEC competition honors

Photo courtesy of CMN Students and professors that took part in the American Indian Higher Education Consortium Student Competition include, from left, standing, Lucy Fenzl, Gavin Braun, Vicki Besaw, Jasmine Neosh, Curtis Wilhelmi, Tyrell Hesse, Marissa Vele, Franny Kitson, Christa Lyons, Catherine Walter, Ann Walenski, Ryan Winn, Ethan Fregien and Lexxus Liebe; kneeling, Adam Schulz and Brandon Boyd; and Evelynn Grignon on the floor.

College of Menominee Nation student teams brought home a first place and other honors from the 2019 American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Student Competition held March 16-19 in Billings, Montana.

The annual program invited students from all 38 tribal colleges and universities affiliated with AIHEC.

CMN took first place in the Knowledge Bowl. Team members included captain Brandon Boyd, Jasmine Neosh, Marissa Vele and Curtis Wilhelmi. The team was coached by Vicki Besaw.

The college finished third in the Business Bowl. Team members included Franny Kitson, Christa Lyons, Adam Schulz and Catherine Walter. The team was coached by Ann Walenski.

CMN came back with a fifth place in the Science Bowl. Team members included Gavin Braun, Ethan Fregien and Tyrell Hesse. The team was coached by Lucy Fenzl.

Fregien and Evelynn Grignon took home a second place for a serious speech and a third place for a humorous speech. The students were coached by Ryan Winn.

Lexxus Liebe was a winner for AIHEC’s Fiction Writing Contest. Liebe was coached by Dennis Vickers.

Also taking place at the conference was the election of CMN student Adam Schulz to the post of vice president of the AIHEC Student Congress. The Congress includes representatives of all tribal colleges chosen for leadership, cultural knowledge and social responsibility. Congress members represent their colleges and the tribal college movement as advocates and by doing community service work.