Signs of spring not so subtle anymore

There may be a flurry now and then, but the signs of spring is in the air. First was the snow melt and rain, with water everywhere. Next the birds came back, robins, geese, sandhill cranes and many more. I do enjoy seeing and hearing them. Even the turkeys are out and about, looking for food along the roadsides.

In spite of the cool and breezy days, in spite of the snow that may fall from time to time, the glorious warm sunny days make me want to be outside. Although I had taken a couple of short walks, I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time outdoors, until I noticed the snow was nearly melted off of the front yard.

Then, I knew it was time to tackle the outdoor Christmas decorations. They were sadly looking out of place, in April. So, one by one, I took them down. First Joseph, then Mary, with the baby Jesus, were carried into the garage, and put back into their box. As I worked, I rounded up the extension cords, tied each one into a bundle, and put them into their appointed box.

Next came the light sets, which were a little more difficult, but they were unwound from the evergreen trees, bundled, and brought into the garage for their rest in the months ahead.

As I took things down, I thought about the late November Saturday that I put them out. As I recall, it was colder then this mild day. No gloves were needed, for one thing, and I didn’t have anything on my head either.

While I was enjoying my time outside, and getting a needed job done, I had a visitor, who complained about the cold wind. I admit, it was a bit windy, but I told her that after being inside so much over winter, I really didn’t mind.

“This is the day that the Lord has made,” I said. “Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

As the morning went on, I went over to the east side of the house, in hopes of seeing the crocus up and blooming. I was not to be disappointed. It seemed purple this year rather than the blue it was last year, and not as full. But what a cheery sight to see the first blooms of spring. The crocus never lasts that long, but I plan to get more plants, for that splash of spring color is a sure sign of spring.

The daffodils and tulips will soon follow. Anyone venturing into the woods, should see wildflowers. Soon there will be lady-slippers, Mayflowers, violets, marsh marigolds, and trilliums, just to name a few. Remember that it is already tick season, there are several websites that give pointers on how to avoid them.

Soon the trees will be leafing out, and there will be a full painter’s palette of greens to feast our eyes upon. The flowering bushes and trees will fill the air with their unique, pungent, scents. The lilac, the crabapple, and all the fruit trees.

The small rivers and creeks are roaring with the rush of water. What a powerful sound to hear the “tiger roar.” That is one of the legends of how Tigerton got its name, because of the roaring water over the rapids in the Embarrass River.

Spring, it’s a great time to be outside, to explore, to fill your senses with all of the sights, sounds and scents of the season.

Tigerton’s Leah Lehman, who calls herself a “small town country girl at heart,” offers memories of the past and observations of current events from the the viewpoint of someone born in the 1940s.