LETTER: Elections are over; time to get involved

To the editor:

Now that the spring elections are over it is the responsibility of the citizens of these municipalities to attend the meetings and voice their concerns on issues such as road projects and taxes. If you don’t get involved, you may end up with poor decisions being made that waste valuable taxpayer money and produce unfavorable results.

One example would be those decisions made by one local township to install a culvert too shallow and in the wrong place in an area known to have frost problems. The result? A permanent speed bump that will persist unless it is rectified. Not removing large rocks and other debris from the roadbed prior to repaving will doom the new pavement to failure prematurely.

Plenty of expert advice can be had by local officials from such places as county highway departments, trusted longtime construction companies and construction engineering firms. Making determinations on large scale projects with only “personal bias” or coffee shop and pub research is not only illegal but very foolish.

Get involved and be proactive if you want government to work for the best interests of its residents.

— Bruce Watters, Bowler