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No donkeys dunking at Tigerton event

FFA chapters, local business participate in donkey basketball

Leah Lehman Leader Correspondent

Photo by Leah Lehman Alaina Bork holds her daughter, Alesha Bork, as she sits on one of the donkeys at the Donkey Basketball event Sunday at Tigerton High School.

The Tigerton FFA Alumni sponsored a donkey basketball game Sunday at Tigerton High School.

The Tigerton FFA held the concession stand, which raised funds to help send FFA member Allen Jobe to the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., this year. Jobe is currently a junior.

There were FFA teams at the event from Marion, Bowler and Tigerton, and a local team from Tigerton’s own Anita Haircut, a beauty salon, also participated. The donkeys were provided by Dairyland Donkeyball, and rules included no pulling, and you had to be on the donkey to pass, block and shoot the ball.

The donkeys had names such as Elvis, Earthquake and Widow-maker. One had a trick of bucking, and then dipping its head down so the rider fell off, and another enjoyed bucking when a rider tried to get on. Another simply could not be bothered and didn’t choose to move.

During intermission, the younger children were allowed to ride the donkeys, as long as a parent or grandparent was with them. From under 1 year on up to a few years old, many took their turn.

When the competition was over, it was the Bowler FFA with the donkey basketball championship, with Anita Haircut coming in second.