Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Careless voting could turn US into socialist country

To the editor:

Investigate before voting.

So you are planning to vote for a Democrat who wants to turn this country socialistic. Have you taken a look at what happens to a country that goes that way?

The best-known socialist would probably be Vladimir Putin of Russia. About two years ago, the largest yacht ever built in Hamburg, Germany, was built for Putin. It is a beauty. Putin owns several villas, one of those is located in Spain. Google it and you will be in awe; it is fit for royalty.

The best-known socialist in the United States probably is Bernie Sanders. The internet just stated: “Bernie Sanders buys his third home, a $600,000 cottage on a lake in Vermont.”

In the former East Germany, which probably was the most productive satellite of Russia, people stood for hours in long lines just to buy a loaf of bread. Most of what they grew was shipped to Cuba and Russia. Government and party officials lived totally different. One such place was in Berlin nicknamed Volvograd (most drove Volvo Automobiles) or Bonzenhausen (Big-Shot-Ville). This place was surrounded by a 2-meter (6-yard) high wall. It had a private movie theater, swimming pools, parks and stores where they could buy most imported items that their hearts might desire. It had 30 armed guarded posts, about 650 servants for 23 families. Would this be up Nancy Pelosi’s or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s alley?

One step a socialist government usually takes is turn anti-Christian, promote or force abortions (China), undermine parental authority and spy on its citizens. Citizens who refuse to join the only available party, the socialists, and attend their meetings will be ostracized, can’t get a good job or attend college. Travel will be limited. Children in school are questioned what stations their parents watch or listen to and what they talk about at home. If the children confessed belief in God, they were mocked and ridiculed. There was no freedom of the press.

I wonder if this letter will be published. Do we really have freedom of the press? Freedom of speech? Seeing what is happening to Vice President Mike Pence’s wife and Judge Brian Hagedorn, I also wonder if a person who is against the gender revolution if that person could be a public school teacher or have a news or government position or have a good job. May God help the USA.

Ellie Kohls,