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Corrections officers take on dangerous role

To the editor:

Corrections officers fill a law enforcement role that not many others, even most other law enforcement officers, would choose as a career. Their work is unending and oftentimes dangerous, yet it is unseen by other members of our community.

A county jail is the entry point to Wisconsin’s criminal justice system. Every offender, from the most minor offense to the most heinous felony imaginable, begins their incarceration at the county jail. No one wants to come to jail; on a daily basis, our officers and staff deal with people angry about their situation — directing their anger, and actions, toward us.

Most of our community has no idea of the size, complexity and number of inmates we serve, right here locally, day in day out, all year long.

During the week of May 6-11, please take a moment to thank and remember those dedicated law enforcement officers and staff who have chosen to serve their community behind the scenes by separating those who wish to do harm from the rest of society.

Greg Trinko

Jail administrator, Shawano County Sheriff’s Department